Tutorial Day

This year, for the first time, PyConZA will feature a whole extra day dedicated to tutorials. These tutorials will take place on Wednesday, 4th October, the day before the main conference.

Tickets for the tutorials will be sold separately to conference tickets. You will need to purchase a ticket for each tutorial that you wish to attend, and a ticket for the main conference should you wish to attend it.

Note that, while the tutorial tickets include snacks and drinks during the tutorials, lunch is not included. There is a lunch ticket available for people who want to attend both morning and afternoon tutorials, but it will need to be purchased seperately.

If you and your team would like to see a tutorial on a particular topic, please email team@za.pycon.org with your suggestion.

If you would like to offer a tutorial, please submit it using the normal talk submission process.

Scheduled Tutorials

PyConZA will have the following tutorials

Tutorial Tickets

Tutorial tickets can be purchased from Quicket. See the ticket pages for details (and scroll to the bottom).