Using thumbnail and dynamic captions in digital media templates

Speaker: Irene Nandutu

Type: Tutorial

Room: Berg Room

Time: Oct 04 (Wed), 09:00

Duration: 4:00




Dynamic digital media files like Photos, videos and audios are required and used in most of the websites today. We want to understand how to work with these dynamic digital media files and render them to templates as digital media gallery.

To have it awesome, we shall create a good visual experience for our website using bootstrap library together with django. We shall also introduce our selves to python programming basics.

As a beginner, you will learn how to manage and server static files, the basics of python programming and be able to build your first django website with bootstrap thumbnail to make our dynamic digital media files gallery elegant.


Python Installation

Download python to your computer. Ensure you install a 32 or 64 bit. Check installation instructions depending on your operating system here.

Django Installation

Create a virtual environment called mediavenv and ensure you activate it.Install django in the virtual environment.Here are guidelines on how to install django and the virtual environment depending on your operating system.

Code Editor

Download it here.


Download bootstrap.min.css and bootsrap.css. Create a folder called static at the root where you created your mediavenv folder and save the two files in the folder static.


Should you have issues installing the above requirements and need guidance.Kindly Contact .