Don't be afraid to search

Speaker: Honza Král

Type: Tutorial

Room: Berg Room

Time: Oct 04 (Wed), 14:00

Duration: 4:00

The value that search functionality can add to a website is often underestimated, and many people fear that it is too complex or complicated. At the same time, it’s not clear to many developers what a good search implementation should do. In short, many developers - and the users of their websites - are missing out on important benefits.

This workshop will help them over the first hurdles to a solid search implementation using Django and Elasticsearch. It will cover basic steps like syncing the models to a search engine and setting up search views, as well as more advanced functionality such as faceted navigation.

Honza will explain how search works and guide people through the process of customising their search and setting up analytics based on the data in their apps.