Venue, dates and times

The PyConZA 2017 sprints will be held at the Oracle Cloud Development Centre in Black River Park.

Date: 7th & 8th of October 2017
Time: 9:00 until 20:00
Where: Oracle Cloud Development Centre, 3rd Floor, Central Building, Black River Park, Fir Street, Observatory.

Sprint Topics

To add a sprint topic to this list, please email with the details

Currently proposed sprint topics

  • pygame-cffi, a CFFI-based reimplementation of PyGame.
  • wafer, the framework running the PyConZA 2017 website.
  • Bird's Eye, the graphical expression-based python debugger presented in a lightning talk on Thursday.
  • numismatic, Coin Collecting for Digital Assets
  • Software Carpentry follow-up - come and get help and advice for your own project.

What was worked on

  • Wafer
    • Replacing deleting talks with withdrawing talks.
    • Adding support for the latest Django REST Framework.
    • Adding settings documentation.
  • Pygame CFFI
    • Adding support for pygame.transform.
    • Fixing bugs uncovered while doing this.
  • SPEAD2
    • Adding support for running under PyPy.
  • 3-D Tetris on Vive
  • PyPy:
    • Store unicode as UTF-8
    • Fixing bugs in PyPy3 cpyext
    • Speeding up cpyext
    • Correcting sys.path in PyPy3
    • Bought machine
    • Registered domain name
    • Set up ansible
  • birdseye debugger
    • Onboarding new developers.
  • Racently
    • Aggregating running race results.
    • Working on cleaning the race results. :)
  • Conference admin:
    • Video uploading.
    • Asking speakers for talk slides and getting those up on Slidedeck.
  • Numismatic:
    • Added packer scripts that create docker images.
  • Loading CSVs into Postgres :)
  • ISFDB2 Calibre plugin
    • Reimplementation of the ISFDB Calibre plugin.
  • Hiking along the pipe track.
  • Sushi and burgers.