Nickolas Grigoriadis

GitHub: grigi

Nickolas is currently heading up Feersum Engine at on the technical level.
He also gets bees in his bonnet about bad code, which is often his own that was done in a rush. This leads him to resolve these cross-eyed solutions at random intervals.

Nickolas' passion for software development led him to complete a Hons. B.Sc. in Computer Science at UJ.

Accepted Talks:

Taking back control of your code

Managing your code is like managing anything else.
To take back control of your code, you need to measure everything you can!

This talk is about my experience of wresting an unruly codebase into a well behaved one.
Well, better behaved, at least...

In this talk I'll cover the following, and how they affect your Python application:

  • Complexity
    and how it differs from ease
  • Risk
    not all code is equally important
  • Static analysis
    don't fear the pylint, whilst typing + mypy can save the day
  • Testing
    why & when to write tests (hypothesis is awesome)
  • Formally design your internal data format
    whilst it seems obvious, internal data formats are often left unchecked
  • Profiling
    a good programmer with a profiler is better than one without