Better APIs using GraphQL with Python and React

Speaker: Mike Jones

Type: Talk

Room: Congo Room

Time: Oct 05 (Thu), 13:30

Duration: 0:45

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a battle between creating more and more granular REST endpoints to return different payloads suitable for the individual use cases of different consumers and just Exposing All The Data, All The Time?

Enter GraphQL, born at Facebook but now in wide use in many organisation and with a burgeoning ecosystem of tools across many languages.

We'll be examining what GraphQL is, comparison to REST APIs, its potential use-cases and how to get productive quickly with Graphene (Python GraphQL service) on your backend and Apollo (Javascript client) on your frontend.

We'll use real-world examples from Picsa, where we've adopted Graphene-Django as the core element in our platform for building financial services for low-income farmworkers in South Africa.

This will be an introduction to these frameworks that should be applicable for those who have no prior experience.