Senior Software Engineer at SKA South Africa - Building the MeerKAT radio telescope.

Accepted Talks:

Control and Monitoring of the Karoo Telescope Arrays using Python (5 years later)

In 2012 the The SKA SA Control and Monitoring (CAM) gave a talk at PyConZA and it can be viewed at this Youtube Video and more info at PyConZA 2012 link.

5 years later, Python is still used for Controlling and Monitoring of this world-class instrument, that is on its path to being the most sensitive radio telescope in the southern hemisphere. The 64 dish array completion is around the corner and we take a look back at the last 5 years and our time with Python.

Who is your audience?
- The general audience. It should interest all the attendees.

What will they get out of it?
- Insight into the use of Python in a Large Experimental Physics Control System.

What will you cover?
- Overview (SKA vs MeerKAT vs KAT-7)
- Why SKA SA chose Python
- How and where Python is used at SKA SA.
- Description of the Control and Monitoring problem domain (what we monitor & control, data volumes)
- Architecture of the CAM subsystem (KATcp, proxies, monitors)
- Some of the lessons learnt over the last 5 years using Python.
- Overview of Control interfaces
- Live demo
- astronomy images produced by MeerKAT