PyConZA 2017 Sponsor Blog Posts: PSF

The Python Software Foundation (PSF) is the governing body behind Python. With its work focused on empowering and supporting the people in the Python community, the foundation also serves as the primary contact for organisations interested in Python’s mission.

The Python Software Foundation’s mission is to grow the already diverse international Python community, which is why it serves as a main sponsor of PyConZA 2017. Sponsored itself by the likes of Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg and Intel, PSF turns this dedicated goodwill inward to serve the very people that make the growing Python community what it is today.

Organisations interested in working with, supporting or sponsoring the development of Python find themselves in the capable hands of the foundation. It is the structure that facilitates opportunities for donations and sponsorships the world over.

The Python Software Foundation is responsible for PyCon US, the primary Python community event, and has been a sponsor of PyConZA since its founding conference. The PSF exercises its mission to broaden the African and international Python community by supporting and sponsoring PyConZA every year, including PyConZA 2017.

About sponsoring PyConZA 2017, Ewa Jodlowska, Director of Operations at PSF, said: “We want to support the Python and overall tech community, and to help grow the South African and Python community.”

We are looking forward to welcoming one of PSF's directors to this year’s event, where the Python Software Foundation aims to experience first hand the innovation a space like PyConZA 2017 ignites within the African PyCon community.