PyConZA 2017 Sponsor Blog Posts: OfferZen

OfferZen, an innovative talent marketplace, was founded out of a desire to elevate the job seeking experiences of developers. Built “by developers for developers” OfferZen has already begun changing the industry since launching in late 2015. OfferZen’s mission is to connect software developers with incredible opportunities and as a main sponsor of PyConZA 2017, they’re looking to connect with developers in the real world and better understand their needs.

OfferZen makes looking for work simple. Developers are assisted in building a great profile for themselves by the Talent Advisor team. When they’re ready to look for work they can immediately activate their profile to appear on the radar of the 550+ notable tech companies who use OfferZen to hire.

Dev hiring managers can see developers looking for work and send transparent interview requests, which include an upfront salary amount, a personal message and more info about the company and their tech stack – putting the power of shopping for a suitable employer in the hands of the developers themselves.

The OfferZen team will be at PyConZA 2017 gaining insight on ways to make developers’ experience of their product serve them even further. OfferZen has been a sponsor of PyConZA, and tech conferences like it, since its inception – making clear its intention to follow through on its core mission.

A cornerstone of OfferZen’s model is building relationships face to face, and they will have a team on the ground at PyConZA 2017. Ben Blaine from OfferZen put’s it like this: “OfferZen invested in PyConZA to get behind the developer community and help it grow. We want developers to have better jobs, do better work and be fairly compensated for that work. Find us at the conference to chat about how you’re building your product and how we can help you grow your team. We’ll also be giving out our famous shirts!”

Helge Reikeras, who works as a Data Scientist at OfferZen, will be giving a talk on The Data Scientist's Python Toolkit. In this talk, Helge will discuss what data science is, what a data scientist does, and where the field of data science is heading. He will then talk through a typical data science workflow - from extracting raw data through to serving real-time predictions through an API. Helge will feature a range of Python tools that form part of the data scientist's toolkit and discuss common usage patterns in the data science pipeline.